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Marina Lounge Vlissingen

Marina Lounge Vlissingen offers extensive possibilities for food and drinks, with a wide selection of classical dishes and Zeeuwse seasonal specialities. You can enjoy it all on one of our terraces outside, in the conservatory or in the stylish restaurant inside

Fantastic view

From Marina Lounge Vlissingen you have a beatiful view of the sea. On sunny days you can enjoy the terrace outside. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail and the freshly prepared dishes.  Also visit us for a cup of coffe with home made pie or a lovely drink. Furthermore, we serve a delicious lunch and diner every day. Come and enjoy the luxurious Marina Lounge Vlissingen!

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Opening hours

  • Breakfast: 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • Lunch: 11:00 PM –  5:00 PM
  • Dinner: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Late night snack: 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Impressiefoto's van Marina Lounge Vlissingen





  • 12 O’CLOCK SPECIAL | 13,00Traditional beef croquettes, mini fried egg, seasonal soup and salad
  • CROQUETTE SANDWICH | 9,50Two traditional beef croquettes served with coarse mustard
  • SHRIMP CROQUETTE SANDWICH | 15,50Two richly filled shrimp croquettes served with saffron mayonnaise
  • CLASSIC FRIED EGGS | 8,50Three fried eggs with Farmer's ham and young cheese
  • CLUBSANDWICH CLASSIC | 13,00Grilled chicken fillet, matured cheese, bacon, egg, tomato and mesclun salad


  • FLETCHER BURGER | 18,50100% Beefburger on a brioche roll with tomato, sweet and sour gherkin, crispy onion rings and Cajun salsa
  • CHICKEN SATAY BALI | 19,50Served with cassava, crispy onions and Balinese peanut sauce


  • GAMBA | 16,50Fried gamba, fennel, herb salad and saffron cream
  • CARPACCIO | 16,50Thinly sliced topside beef, Grana Padano, mixed seeds, mesclun and artisanal pesto
  • GRILLED VEGETABLES | 14,50Grilled vegetables, walnuts, fresh salad and dressing of fresh coriander and roasted tomato
  • SMOKED SALMON | 16,50Fresh salad with smoked salmon, crème fraîche, pickles and dill
  • NIÇOISE I 15,00Tuna flakes, egg, haricots verts, red onion, roseval potato and cornichons
  • CAESAR I 15,00Pulled chicken, bacon, egg, tomato, Grana Padano, anchovies and Caesar dressing


  • POMODORI SOUP | 7,50Soup of Pomodori tomatoes with pesto
  • BISQUE OF NORTH SEA CRAB | 9,50Creamy shellfish soup with Brandy
  • SOUP OF THE SEASON | 7,50Changing seasonal soup
  • CREAM SOUP OF PORCINI | 9,50With beef ravioli and Amsterdam pickled onions


  • TRADITIONAL CHIPS | 3,50With mayonnaise
  • BREAD PLATTER | 5,00Freshly baked bread with various spreads
  • ROASTED VEGGIES | 3,50Roasted seasonal vegetables from the oven
  • ROASTED WEDGES | 3,50Potato wedges from the oven with crème fraîche


  • ZEEUWSE OYSTERS | PER PIECE 2,75Rohe Auster mit Rotweinessig, Chiliflocken, Schnittlauch und Zitrone
  • ZEEUWSE OYSTERS | PER PIECE 2,75Steamed oyster with ginger and chili
  • ZEEUWSE OYSTERS | PER PIECE 2,75Oyster gratin with spinach and Hollandaise sauce
  • BALI SATAY | 2 PCS | 11,50Chicken satay with Balinese sauce
  • CARPACCIO | 11,50Thinly sliced beef, Grana Padano, mix of seeds and artisanal pesto
  • MILLE-FEUILLE | 13,50Gravad lachs, courgette compote and shellfish mayonnaise
  • CHICKEN KARAAGE - 6PCS I 7,50Crispy chicken with Asian tartar sauce
  • DAVAI CREAMY DUMPLINGS | 4 ST | 9,00Stuffed pasta with arugula salad and thyme oil
  • TACO CRAB | 2 ST | 11,50Crispy taco filled with crab, wakame and wasabi topping
  • SASHIMI | 11,50Thinly sliced pickled sea bass with sweet and sour vegetables
  • TOMATO LONGUEUR | 10,00Puff pastry tartlet of tomato with old cheese, basil chips and coarse sea salt
  • HOT STONE TOURNEDOS | 22,00Roast tournedos with sweet potato fondant and spiced gravy
  • PULLED CHICKEN I 2PCS I 13,50Tacos filled with pulled chicken, red pepper and crème fraîche
  • SEA & LAND I 18,00Crispy fried pork belly with prawns and hoisin sauce
  • PRAWNS | 4 PCS I 13,50crispy prawns with salad and sesame soy dressing
  • NORTH SEA PASTA I 16,00Linguine with seafood, white wine, chilli pepper, parsley and garlic
  • RISOTTO TARTUFO | 14,50Risotto with poached free-range egg, Grana Padano shavings and truffle oil
  • IBERICO HAM | 25 GR | 9,50Thinly sliced Iberico ham with sweet-and-sour tomato compote
  • MARINA LOUNGE TASTINGA tasting of various dishes which have been carefully selected by our chef (Choice of only meat, fish, vegetarian or a combination)


  • DESSERT TASTING | 10,00Shared dining tasting of various sweet delicacies
  • CHEESE PLATTER | 14,50assorted Dutch and foreign cheeses, raisin bread and apple syrup
  • CHOCOLATE BALL | 13,00Filled with artisinal ice cream, red fruit compote and biscuit crumble
  • PAVLOVA | 8,50Crispy meringue with marinated red fruit and yoghurt ice cream
  • MANGOBAVAROIS | 9,50With passion fruit sorbet and currant sauce

Children's menu

A small starter

  • POMODORI SOUP I 4,25Soup of Pomodori tomatoes with pesto
  • SOUP OF THE SEASON I 4,25Changing seasonal soup
  • CHICKEN COCKTAIL I 5,50Fresh cocktail with chicken, pineapple, cucumber and cocktail sauce

A tummy full

  • CHICKEN SATAY I 8,501 Stick of chicken satay, fries, prawn crackers and satay sauce
  • HAMBURGER I 8,50Hamburger bun with tomato, young cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise and fries
  • FISH & CHIPS I 8,50White fish in a crispy jacket with ravigotte sauce
  • SPAGHETTI I 8,50With tomato sauce, minced beef and grated cheese

Sweet Party

  • BROWNIE I 4,50With coconut cream
  • CHILDREN'S ICE CREAM I 4,502 Scoops of ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles

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