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Marina Lounge Vlissingen

Marina Lounge Vlissingen offers extensive possibilities for food and drinks, with a wide selection of classical dishes and Zeeuwse seasonal specialities. You can enjoy it all on one of our terraces outside, in the conservatory or in the stylish restaurant inside

Fantastic view

From Marina Lounge Vlissingen you have a beatiful view of the sea. On sunny days you can enjoy the terrace outside. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail and the freshly prepared dishes.  Also visit us for a cup of coffe with home made pie or a lovely drink. Furthermore, we serve a delicious lunch and diner every day. Come and enjoy the luxurious Marina Lounge Vlissingen!

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Opening hours

  • Breakfast: 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • Lunch: 11:00 PM –  5:00 PM
  • Dinner: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Late night snack: 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Impressiefoto's van Marina Lounge Vlissingen





  • 12 O’CLOCK SPECIALTraditional beef croquettes, mini fried egg, seasonal soup and salad 15,00
  • CROQUETTE SANDWICHTwo traditional beef croquettes served with coarse mustard 10,50
  • SHRIMP CROQUETTE SANDWICHTwo richly filled shrimp croquettes served with saffron mayonnaise 15,50
  • CLASSIC FRIED EGGSThree fried eggs with Farmer's ham and young cheese 9,50
  • CLUBSANDWICH CLASSICGrilled chicken fillet, matured cheese, bacon, egg, tomato and mesclun salad 14,50


  • FLETCHER BURGER100% Beefburger on a brioche roll with tomato, sweet and sour gherkin, crispy onion rings and Cajun salsa 19,50
  • CHICKEN SATAY BALI Served with cassava, crispy onions and Balinese peanut sauce 19,50


  • GAMBA Fried gamba, fennel, herb salad and saffron cream17,50
  • CARPACCIO Thinly sliced topside beef, Grana Padano, mixed seeds, mesclun and artisanal pesto 17,50
  • GRILLED VEGETABLESGrilled vegetables, walnuts, fresh salad and dressing of fresh coriander and roasted tomato 15,00
  • SMOKED SALMONFresh salad with smoked salmon, crème fraîche, pickles and dill17,50
  • CAESAR Pulled chicken, bacon, egg, tomato, Grana Padano, anchovies and Caesar dressing 17,50


  • CARPACCIOThinly sliced beef with old 'Beemster' cheese, mixed seeds, truffle mayonnaise and cress13,50
  • SMOKED SALMONWith topping of capers, crème fraîche and dill15,50
  • MATURED CHEESEBeemster cheese with coarse mustard mayonnaise, cornichons and aragula salad9,50


  • POMODORI SOUP Soup of Pomodori tomatoes with basil oil 7,50
  • BISQUE OF NORTH SEA CRABCreamy shellfish soup with Brandy 9,50
  • SOUP OF THE SEASON Changing seasonal soup 7,50
  • CREAM SOUP OF PORCINIWith beef ravioli and Amsterdam pickled onions 9,50


  • TRADITIONAL CHIPS With mayonnaise 4,00
  • BREAD PLATTERFreshly baked bread with various spreads 6,00
  • ROASTED VEGGIES Roasted seasonal vegetables from the oven 4,00
  • ROASTED WEDGES Potato wedges from the oven with crème fraîche 4,00
  • ZEEUWSE OYSTERS | PER PIECERaw oyster with red wine vinegar, chilli flakes, chives and lemon3,75
  • ZEEUWSE OYSTERS | PER PIECE Steamed oyster with ginger and chili 3,75
  • ZEEUWSE OYSTERS | PER PIECE Oyster gratin with spinach and Hollandaise sauce 3,75


  • MARINA LOUNGE TASTING (8 dishes)A tasting of various dishes which have been carefully selected by our chef (Choice of only meat, fish, vegetarian or a combination) 45,00
  • BALI SATAY | 2 PCS Chicken satay with Balinese sauce 11,50
  • CARPACCIO Thinly sliced beef tenderloin with aged Beemster cheese, seed mix, truffle mayonnaise and cress11,50
  • SMOKED SALMONGravad lachs, courgette compote and shellfish mayonnaise 16,50
  • CHICKEN KARAAGE - 6PCS Crispy chicken with Asian tartar sauce 9,50
  • DAVAI CREAMY DUMPLINGS | 6 PCSStuffed pasta with arugula salad and thyme oil10,50
  • TACO CRAB | 2 ST Crispy taco filled with crab, wakame and wasabi topping13,00
  • GRILLED DORADOWith Japanese herb crust and seafood sauce 18,00
  • LASAGNEStuffed with goat's cheese, spinach and turnip, served with vegetable chips15,00
  • HOT STONE TOURNEDOS Roast tournedos with sweet potato fondant and spiced gravy24,00
  • SEA & LAND Crispy fried pork belly with prawns and hoisin sauce 18,50
  • PRAWNS | 4 PCS crispy prawns with salad and sesame soy dressing 13,50
  • GAMBA PASTANoodles with stir-fried prawns, soy sauce and curly parsley18,50
  • RISOTTO TARTUFORisotto with poached free-range egg, Grana Padano shavings and truffle oil 15,50
  • IBERICO HAM | 25 GR Thinly sliced Iberico ham with sweet-and-sour tomato compote 9,50


  • DESSERT TASTING Shared dining tasting of various sweet delicacies 10,00
  • CHEESE PLATTERassorted Dutch and foreign cheeses, raisin bread and apple syrup14,50
  • CHOCOLATE BALL Filled with artisinal ice cream, red fruit compote and biscuit crumble 13,00
  • APFELSTRUDELLukewarm apple strudel with cardamom-vanilla sauce, whipped cream and farmhouse ice cream9,50
  • PAVLOVACrispy meringue with salted caramel sauce, Oreo crumble and syrup waffle ice cream 8,50
  • SEMIFREDDOVanilla semifreddo with hazelnut bisque served with cold blueberry soup10,50

Children's menu

A small starter

  • MINI BUNSWith various spreads3,50
  • TOMATO SOUPSoup of Pomodori tomatoes with pesto 4,25
  • SOUP OF THE SEASONSeasonal soup 4,25
  • CHICKEN COCKTAIL Fresh cocktail with chicken, pineapple, cucumber and cocktail sauce5,50

A tummy full

  • CHICKEN SATAY 1 Stick of chicken satay, fries, prawn crackers and satay sauce8,50
  • HAMBURGER Hamburger bun with tomato, young cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise and fries8,50
  • TRADITIONAL CHIPS WITH SNACKSChips with apple sauce and a croquette, frikandel, chicken nuggets or vegan nuggets6,50
  • FISH & CHIPS White fish in a crispy jacket with ravigotte sauce8,50
  • SPAGHETTI With tomato sauce, minced beef and grated cheese8,50

Sweet Party

  • BROWNIE With coconut cream4,50
  • CHILDREN'S ICE CREAM2 Scoops of ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles4,50

Wine list


  • Fletcher’s Cuvée | Bubbels | ChardonnayFruity - pleasant sparkle - supple - refreshing aftertaste [Our advice: as an aperitif and at festive occasions]5,60
  • MVSA | Cava Brut I Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel-lo Spain, Penedès Ripe melon I Banana I Green apple I Fruity I Elegant Serving suggestion: As an aperitif, with salads, fish and poultry37,00
  • Pasqua I Prosecco Spumante Rosé I Glera, Pinot NoirItaly, Veneto Refined bouquet | Raspberries | Fresh | Fruity Serving suggestion: As an aperitif, with lobster, crab and shellfish6,90
  • Champagne Castelnau I Brut Réserve I Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot NoirFrance, Champagne Champagne with depth I Elegant I Long finish Serving suggestion: As an aperitif with festive occasions, scallops and rich salads80,00

White I House wines

  • Fletcher’s Cuvée | Sauvignon BlancElegant - citrus - floral - lively - fresh [Our advice: with shellfish, salads and as an aperitif]5,10
  • Fletcher’s Cuvée | ChardonnayPear - apricot - tropical fruits - white stonefruits - round - full [Our advice: with white meats, fish dishes and as an aperitif]5,10
  • Fletcher’s Cuvée | Moelleux (sweet) | Chenin BlancRipe yellow fruits - fresh - sweet [Our advice: as an aperitif, with spicy dishes and desserts with ice cream]5,10
  • Marina Lounge | Chardonnay/SémillonMelon - lime - peach - citrus - banana - fresh - tropical fruits [Our advice: as an aperitif, with fish dishes and at festive occasions]6,10

White I By the glass

  • Stift Klosterneuberg | Klosterneuburg | Grüner VeltlinerAustria, Lower Austria Yellow and green apple I Citrus notes I Spicy I White pepper Serving suggestion: With light salads, fish, asparagus and schnitzel6,20
  • Borgo Conventi | Isonzo del Friuli | Pinot GrigioItalië, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Verfrissend I Witte bloesem I Rijpe peer Serveersuggestie: Als aperitief, bij visschotels en frisse salades 6,90
  • Wisdom Wines | Madame Wisdom | Chardonnay United States, California Ripe apple I Pineapple | Vanilla I Macadamia I Butter I Wood-aged Serving suggestion: With fish dishes, poultry and rich salads6,20
  • Craggy Range | Te Muna Road Vineyard | Sauvignon BlancNew Zealand, Martinborough Invigorating freshness I Tropical fruit I Mineral notes Serving suggestion: With seafood and dishes with soft goat cheese7,50

White I By the bottle

  • Cruz del Castillo | Luna Verde | VerdejoSpain, Rueda White fruit I Tones of fennel I Impression of apple and banana Serving suggestion: With white meat, pasta and fish dishes 32,00
  • Calazul | Rías Baixas | AlbariñoSpain, Rías Baixas Apple | Peach | Pear | Elegant | Salty Serving suggestion: With grilled fish, oriental dishes, sushi and oysters38,00
  • Schloss Reinhartshausen | Trocken | RieslingGermany, Rheingau Fresh I Invigorating I Soft I Fruity I Floral notes Serving suggestion: with seafood, poultry and spicy dishes40,00
  • M. Chapoutier | Domaine des Granges de Mirabel | Viognier Frankrijk, Rhône Floraal | Aromatisch | Abrikoos | Perzik | Marmelade Serveersuggestie: Bij salades en Oosterse gerechten 42,00
  • Edouard Delaunay | Charmont Blanc | ChardonnayFrance, Burgundy Complex I Elegant I Hazelnut I Round I Long finish Serving suggestion: With grilled fish, prawns, curry and goat cheese47,00


  • Fletcher’s Cuvée | CinsaultRich - red berry - pear - round - full [Our advice: with light meals, salads and as an aparitif]5,10
  • Pasqua | 11 Minutes | Corvina, Trebbiano, Syrah, CarménèreItaly, Veneto Red fruit I Cherries I Raspberries I Spicy Serving suggestion: As an aperitif, with antipasti, grills and pastas7,10

Red I House wines

  • Fletcher’s Cuvée | MerlotBlackcurrant - plume - ripe fruits - round - full - supple [Our advice: as an aperitif, with cold meats and soft cheeses]5,10
  • Fletcher’s Cuvée | Cabernet SauvignonBlack fruits - black pepper - soft - powerfull - wood [Our advice: with red meats, stewed meat and hamburgers]5,10
  • DuCo | Cabernet Sauvignon/CarménèreIntense - fresh - ripe red fruits - blackcurrant - cherry - chocolat - juicy [Our advice: with hamburgers, grilled meats and matured cheeses]6,10

Red I By the glass

  • Pasqua | Desire Lush & Zin | PrimitivoItaly, Puglia Plums | Red fruit | Coffee | Cocoa | Spicy notes | Soft tannins Serving suggestion: With grilled red meat, pasta dishes and spicy cheeses6,60
  • Cruz del Castillo | Rioja Crianza Tinto | TempranilloSpain, Rioja Powerful | Round | Vanilla | Red fruit | Soft tannins | Long finish Serving suggestion: With red meat, pork and aromatic cheeses7,00
  • Edouard Delaunay | Septembre Rouge | Pinot NoirFrance, Burgundy Earthy | Spicy | Fresh cherry | Blackberry | Slightly smoky Serving suggestion: With roast meat, poultry, truffles, pâté and game7,50

Red I By the bottle

  • Stift Klosterneuburg | Tattendorf | ZweigeltAustria, Lower Austria Ripe cherries | Juicy | Earthy | Elegant | Soft tannins Serving suggestion: With antipasti and braised beef36,00
  • Joaquín Rebelledo | Valdeorras | MencíaSpain, Valdeorras Harmonious | balanced | supple | fruity | long finish Serving suggestion: With tapas, lamb and stewed dishes39,00
  • Bodega Piedra Negra | Malbec Réserve | MalbecArgentina, Mendoza Red berries | Spicy | Black pepper | Chocolate | Coffee Serving suggestion: With rib-eye steak and pasta dishes41,00
  • Lomond | Cape Agulhas | SyrahSouth Africa, Cape Agulhas Spices | Violets | Blackberries | Elegant Serving suggestion: Grilled meat, game and poultry42,00

Port & Sherry

  • MARTINEZ | FINE WHITE PORTPortugal, Douro Medium sweet | Floral | Fresh almonds | Long spicy finish Serving suggestion: As an aperitif and with light desserts4,70
  • MARTINEZ | FINE RUBY PORTPortugal, Douro Aardbeien | Frambozen | Rijp | Evenwichtig Serveersuggestie: Bij kaas, noten en gedroogde vruchten4,70
  • MARTINEZ | 10 YEAR OLD TAWNY PORTPortugal, Douro Vol | Krachtig | Noten | Rozijnen Serveersuggestie: Bij kaas, noten, gedroogde vruchten en rokerige smaken5,70
  • TENIDO | PEDRO XIMÉNEZSpain, Jerez Sultanas | Fig | Plums | Syrupy Serving suggestion: With dates, nougat, candied fruit and blue cheeses4,20
  • TENIDO | SHERRY FINOSpanje, Jerez Milddroog | Amandelen | Hazelnoot Serveersuggestie: Als aperitief, bij borrelhapjes en lichte Oosterse gerechten 4,20

Dessert wines

  • Châteaux Grand-Jauga I Sauternes Cuvée Prestige | Sauvignon Blanc, SémillonFrance, Bordeaux Dried apricot | hazelnut | honey | almonds Serving suggestion: With pâté, blue cheeses, fruitcake and ice cream8,20
  • M. Chapoutier I Banyuls Rimage Rouge | Grenache NoirFrance, Languedoc Sun-drenched | Very fruity | Cocoa Serving suggestion: Dark chocolate desserts, red fruit and blue cheeses7,70


  • Appalina Sparkling Rosé | Pinot NoirSoft pink | Fine mousse | Fresh | Harmonious | Red fruit Serving suggestion: As a festive aperitif and with light meals5,10
  • Artis I MerlotRuby red | Aromatic | Blackberries | Wood tones I Soft tannins Serving suggestion: As an aperitif, with beef, lamb and grilled vegetables5,10

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